Friday, January 9, 2015


The Most Common Generalised Lattice used by Wilson.
It is hard to think of a microtonal theorist who has made more headway with developing lattices than Erv Wilson. Here the concentration will be on what he nicknamed  an “Euler“ lattice after where he drew his inspiration.
By working with a template where each prime harmonic has a unique spacing , he managed to avoid clashes when generating lattice of multidimensional harmonically-based structure

There are some other features worth pointing out.  For instance harmonically generated intervals will always appear above the fundamental and the subharmonics below. With a  9-limit system the direction will be both above and to the right , leaving the other quadrant for more complex ratios with the opposite with the subharmonic. This makes it quite easy to understand what is being represented.

Commonly he would use a 10 square to the inch graph paper which explains why he didn’t use a template where all the numbers where divided by 2. This way he had room to notate both ratios and often the scale degree. The latter always followed by a period or dot to separate it from the ratios.

Lately i have been using the following lattice which seems to overcome a few trouble spots. This was plotted using 20 squares per inch.
Alternative lattice by Kraig Grady in cases of slashes with Wilson's Lattice.

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