Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Evangelina- Maybe Wilson's favorite

Evangelina-Wilson's 'Personal' Scale
Erv Wilson stated "The Evangelina tuning commemorates the work done by Evangelina Villegas and Surinder K. Vasal with quality protein maize in Mexico, Africa, India, Japan and China". It strongly resembles a 22 tone harmonic version of his diaphonic cycles. It might be thought of as his adaptation of the 22 shruti system of India as well as an expansion on Boomsliter and Creel's work on "extended reference". Wilson over time replaced the 5 and 7 limit intervals with the colored harmonics listed. Often these are within a cent or two. This was one of the scales he maybe played the most at home and once when a pair of Mormon missionaries descended upon his abode, he used the opportunity to have them sing pieces from the Mormon hymn book in this tuning which went on for months. In this diagram, I have taken his pencil notes and colorized them to accent the 3 harmonic series contained within. The diagram has been inserted into http://anaphoria.com/22tonescales.pdf where one can compare first his diagram of the 22 shrutis with other related scales he developed. The 7 limit one was used by a Los Angeles band 'Cypher' in the mid 80s on instruments built for guitarist Jose Garcia.