Monday, July 22, 2013

Largest Tolerance over Average

In this sketch of a letter to a peer, Wilson points out his preference for evaluating temperaments by finding largest tolerance in the scale as opposed to averaging out. This focus on he worse case scenario of tuning makes sense in that the averaging of the others will not diminsh what stands outs.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Triplet Sets From The Basic Scale Tree.


This top diagram has been a part of the 'tres.pdf' document for years but it was only after finding the second in his notes do certain aspects become clear. Wilson has taken a trio of terms found in the scale tree and proceeds to multiply them to where they can be easily used to generate a scale tree contained within a 4/3. The beginning set is formed by an outer pair of fractions with the medient being the third term. The top diagram is an example of the first formula realized. In the bottom half we see he also adds up the diagonals which give us different terms to the classic fibonacci series generated by the classic tree. The method in which he determines what ratio each side converges on is unknown. It is possible he might have figured it out just by hand.