Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kornerup Notes
Here is the second page to a new file which gives a nice comparison between Yasser and Kornerup whose series are maybe not as close as has been assumed. An unfortunately damaged excerpt of Kornerup can be found in this section
It is not clear off hand what Wilson means here by 7/6 meantone. Comments are welcome on this point.

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Archivist/Cultural Liaison said...

This is forwarded from John Chalmers-
I may have the answer--.580265833 is the log2 of fifth (696.3190 cents) that yields a just 7/6 taken as D# 9 fifths up the
chain. I listed it in cents as the (3=7, 7/6 just) Negative System in my article on new temperaments in XH2. If one divides
696.3190 by 1200, you get .580265833. Erv gives this number at the top and calls it 7/6 meantone.

47/81 is a good approximation to the log2 of the fifth in question--it yields 266.6666666 instead of 266.8709056.
Also, this tuning can be described as the 9th root of 112/3.